6 Steps to Get Your Employees Involved In Your Social Media

1. Communicate your goals

Be sure to set clear reasons why you want to involve your employees and be prepared to communicate those goals with them. It would help if you had buy-in before you start.

2. Appoint program ambassadors

Do some research to figure out who on your team is already active on social media and get them involved. Let them decide the company hashtag and ask them to post and share with measurable goals. Let them spearhead the program and get others involved.

3. Show them how

Train your employees on what type of content your company is looking for and what your brand guidelines and rules are. Demonstrate the company’s brand voice and tone through examples so that the content stays cohesive. We recommend communicating this information through webinars or workshops, to make it more engaging.

4. Set up frequent reminders

Set up weekly emails and push notifications to your employees reminding them to join the conversation.

5. Create incentives

With the help of the program, ambassadors come up with giveaways and recognition programs internally to incentivize regular sharing and advocacy of the brand.

6. Share the results

Set up a monthly newsletter that shares the data on things like readership and engagement attributed to your employee involvement. Make it interesting to read by adding screenshots of top comments and direct messages that the employees can laugh at or feel proud of.

Implementing this program takes time, but if you do it right, can help make your company’s social media efforts much more effective. The biggest reward may be internal, where the program brings your staff closer together in the process!

by Layla Lameijer  in KWSM blog  

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